Mastering Your
Pole Work

from basics to advanced

-170 exercises



MASTERING YOUR POLE WORK FROM BASICS TO ADVANCED is the perfect training manual for all disciplines and all levels!
The book contains 170 (!) exercises, and you can vary each exercise to suit different stride lengths, gaits, and levels of education.

Each pole figure/pattern offers several different exercises. Being able to ride alternative routes in the same figure is very convenient since you do not have to dismount to re-arrange the poles to get variation.



The exercises are varied to strengthen the horse’s coordination, suppleness, strength, body awareness, and motivation and can be executed while riding as well as when training from the ground.

The book offers softening exercises, slow precision exercises, exercises to improve the signal system, learning and playing with lead changes, back-through obstacles, pole figures, patterns and courses, gymnastic jumping and grids, exercises for the circle, lateral movements, transitions, and more!

With this book, you get lots of inspiring, creative, and developing exercises to take your training to the next level!



Basic exercises – 27 Exercises in which you learn basic pole work, such as adjusting the horse’s stride length to the distance, training halts, transitions and lead changes, and backing between poles. 

Warm-up & Dressage – 6 Courses for suppleness and precision. 

Circle & Longeing – 31 Circle exercises you can use in riding or longeing (or long reining).  

Pole formations – 94 Exercises where each pole formation has several different exercises, so you won’t have to change the poles and still get a lot of variation in the same session. 

Cavaletti courses– 12 courses to strengthen the horse over pole series, gymnastic jumping, and grid work.



The e-book includes two versions: an online version and an EPUB. 

Upon purchase, you will receive a login to a page to download the EPUB file. You can also read the entire book directly in your browser on that page. No particular app is needed for the online version. You can print out the exercises one by one from the web browser.


EPUB is the traditional E-book format you download and then open with an E-book reader, i.e., a program/app that reads that type of file. There are several free programs available. You can not print out from the EPUB.


Both formats can be read on a computer/mobile. Easy to always have the book with you on your mobile in the stable!



If you choose the Printable E-book, you’ll receive the online version and the EPUB, as specified above. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a downloadable and printable PDF, which makes it easier to print out the entire ebook.




(Online version + EPUB)


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(PDF + Online version + EPUB)


USD 52 / AUD 80 / GBP 41

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Lina Zachanox

Lina Zachanox is a professional trainer from Sweden and the bestselling author of several pole work books, loved by horse people in over 100 countries in four languages.

Lina gladly shares her knowledge and experiences from her +20 years as a trainer and communicator. She coaches riders and horses from all different disciplines, breeds and levels, from beginners to show riders and other trainers.