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BACK-THROUGH OBSTACLES is for you who are used to the common back-through obstacles such as the L, and would love to get some new challenges.

Some of the exercises can be done on the same obstacle. Being able to ride alternative routes in the same figure is very practical, since you do not have to dismount to re-arrange the poles during the training.

Regardless of discipline, back-up obstacles are both very useful and fun. It trains your and the horse’s composure, to just move one small step at a time and to do it strategically. The horse develops his body awareness, and you learn how small changes in your seat affect the horse.

If you are a trail show rider, this E-book will be a true gem! It contains different and somewhat unusual back-through obstacles with both poles and cones.


You’ll get both an online version and a PDF. Upon purchase, you get a login to a page where you can download the PDF file. You can also view the entire book directly in your browser on that page.

The online version is mobile friendly, as it adapts to different screen sizes.

The PDF file is in A4 format and can be printed out.

BONUS: You’ll also get a printable A4 poster with all the exercise illustrations gathered! Print out and put up wherever you want visual inspiration: On your planning board, fridge door, tack closet or even inside the arena.

Lina Zachanox

Lina Zachanox is a professional trainer from Sweden and the bestselling author of several pole work books, loved by horse people in over 100 countries in four languages.

Lina gladly shares her knowledge and experiences from her +20 years as a trainer and communicator. She coaches riders and horses from all different disciplines, breeds and levels, from beginners to show riders and other trainers.

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