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Lindsay Odell

Odell Show Horses
I love working over poles, your books are such a great guide on creative exercises for balancing, creating correct muscle memory and developing a supple confident horse! I have just started our young Gypsian stallion over the poles and I’m excited to keep graduating to more advanced work in his training, he loves it and is doing great! My daughter is also schooling her young mare over poles and she also is building confidence and doing wonderful. Thank you again for providing such a great tool for training!

Linda Nilsson


I have worked for almost three years to build up a horse to become more sustainable. Since the horse has not been mentally stable, we have worked a lot on trust and that he should listen to the rider. Both mentally and physically, all these exercises are essential and playful fun.

Justyna Burzyńska-Ellis

I find the exercise extremely helpful in elasticity, communication and strength and balance of the horse. It is difficult for him to keep the trot since he is just coming back after an injury but the exercises also help to calm him down. Great stuff.

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Karyn Hoggard

We have been enjoying the first few exercises from a recently started colt, to a dressage prospect, to even the saddle donkey. The saddle donkey is quite a thinker and particularly enjoys variety in training sessions.

Melissa Morris

I’ve been working through your 36 pole work exercises and having been loving them. I am currently using them in groundwork and also for calming my anxious boy during a ridden session. I’d love more exercises that help with focus 😊and for horses starting out with pole work.

Emma Liesenborg

I´m looking forward to trying the exercises. We always do polework and I’ve never seen those before, they look so much fun!

Carol Faulconbridge

Here is a picture of my sister and her horse Hermonie enjoying your polework patterns. We have found this exercise very useful she is a big horse and we are using this pattern to improve her suppleness.